Millarville "Run to the Farmers' Market Half Marathon 2015


A fine day for a run in the country.

You see the oddest things . . . .

Counting down telephone poles on Racetrack Road

The climb . . . . . after a mostly downhill 8-kilometres from Turner Valley, a climb up the Campbell Hill, 1.1 KM and not as steep as the telephoto makes it look

The final mile, turning into the Farmers' Market in the distance

The lululemon Calgary Southcentre cheer team to give a final push to the finish line

Aid station on Racetrack Road

Chowing down on cinnamon buns on Racetrack Road. For these bunners, one more bun to go three miles down the road

Climbing the Campbell Hill

Another Aid Station - the Sheep Creek Weavers!!!

Residents offer encouragement

Turning into the finish line

The finish line

They were free . . . . . but nothing like the feeling of stealing some cinnamon buns from under the watchful eye of COBS Bread Okotoks owner Lee Hodgins. About 1,400 cinnamon buns were handed out at the event.

Fabulous finishers medals

The cycle team!!!

Before the race, the bachelor party takes a moment to reflect. The gentleman on the left was getting married and paying his penance in that shirt and tiara.

And then he won the 8-Mile "Bunner" event with his brothers second and third (Deryk Salter photo).

The shirt says it all . . . . . lots of runners feel that way near the end of a race!!! (Deryk Salter photo)

That's getting pretty familiar with our course marshall . . . . . they hadn't seen each other in 15 years (Kathleen Long photo)

Let's have a round of cinnamon buns for the ladies over here!!!!  (Kathleen Long photo)

Batman does his thing in the sack races at the finish line (Kathleen Long photo)

Proud of mom at the Farmers' Market finish line (Kathleen Long photo)

Going crazy on the Friendship Pathway between Turner Valley and Black Diamond (Kathleen Long photo)

On the Friendship Pathway, heading to Turner Valley (Kathleen Long photo)

On the Friendship Pathway (Kathleen Long photo)

Meanwhile, out on the prairie at a cinnamon bun station . . . .  (Kathleen Long photo)

. . . . . that last bite (Kathleen Long photo)

Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market" Half Marathon 2014

Nanica and Lorraine, a happy relay team at the finish line

The start line in Black Diamond for the Half Marathon

The Half Marathon and Half Marathon Relay leaving Black Diamond

Forty-five minutes later, the COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Milers leaving Black Diamond in a different direction

The Half Marathoners on the Friendship Pathway

Short stuff high five's on the Friendship Pathway

The COBS Cinnamon Bun 8-Milers hop onto Racetrack Road after leaving Black Diamond, merging with the Half Marathoners coming from Turner Valley area

With the group merged together, everyone rolls down Racetrack Road

Bunners peel off to take on the first Cinnamon Bun Station

As do some non-Bunners too . . . . .

Over the Campbell Hill and down the other side . . . . .

. . . . . and up the next hill too . . . .

The Millarville Tilt & Lance Cavalry were a hit at KM 18 on the half marathon course, about mile 6.4 on the Cinnamon Bun Run

Stopping for a picture . . . .

. . . . .  or just running by

They kept on coming . . . . .

 . . . . and Officer Kevin was a popular guy with his high-fives

The Champion Bunner, Ben Elliott, was first among all 8-milers, including those just running through, in spite of stopping twice himself to eat some cinnamon buns.

. . . . . . as young as 14 and one of the fastest in the field . . . .

Over the last hill . . . . .

. . . . surprised by lululemon cheer team

. . . . who were not shy at all . . . .

 . . . . around the final curve

Getting the prize . . . .

Celebrations abound . . . . .

Time to let loose . . . .

. . . . . with a post-race cinnamon bun . . . .

COBS Bread Okotoks owner Kelly Hodgin (right) gave away 1,000 cinnamon buns on the morning

The smiles



Proud Bunners and probably not too hungry after getting to the Farmers' Market

Lots to see and do at the finish line


Half-marathon in the bag


Post-race massage  . . . . .

Our intrepid team of pace cyclists . . . .



Shopping at the Market


Two Relayers and One Bunner = a fun day at the Millarville Farmers' Market

Thank you to all the volunteers . . . . 

The memories . . . .

(Pics above credit to volunteers Kathleen Long, Deryk Salter, Lindsay Fenton, Rick Charlton and various others)



Second place finisher Duncan Marsden crests the tough Campbell hill at KM 15


Winning first place overall was Nathan Kendrick, here running the long, long downhill stretch on Racetrack Road. Kendrick also set a new course record at 1:13:27:55. The old record had been set by Duncan Marsden

Former Canadian Olympian Lisa Harvey of Calgary won the women's side of the Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market" Half Marathon.

Nadyia Fry, winner of the women's side of the Calgary Marathon three weeks before Millarville, was second in the Run To The Farmers' Market.

A pair of our awesome volunteer cyclists

Leaving the start line in Black Diamond

Priddis volunteer firefighters join in some finish line yoga with the instructors on hand

Aaron Swanson, left, third place finisher on the mens side, joins Nathan Kendrick and Duncan Marsden on the podium

Dawn Ladds-Bond, left and third place on the women's side, joins Lisa Harvey and Nadyia Fry on the podium


The opening moments of the inaugural Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market Half Marathon, led out of the gate by Nathan Kendrick (centre), Duncan Marsden (right) and Melissa Kendrick (right)

. . .  followed by the rest


The start line in Black Diamond . . . . . the happiest place on Earth.

A long string of runners on Racetrack Road (photo by Jim Nelson)

A beautiful country run . . . .

Enthusiastic volunteers!!! (photo by Jim Nelson)

Duncan Marsden, winner of the inaugural Millarville "Run To The Farmers' Market" Half Marathon

Duncan Marsden receives his medal from a young volunteer.

Every participant received a hand-made, clay-fired finishers medal produced by Lopinto Pottery, a Millarville Farmers' Market vendor.

Melissa Kendrick wins the women's side with a time of 1:21.

A 69 year-old entrant completes another half marathon under the watchful eye of a volunteer and her mount

Racers enjoy the Millarville Farmers' Market post race