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England, May/June 2006 

Carol crosses Millennium Bridge on the way to St. Paul's Cathedral

Ditto . . . .

The Monty Python Festival at Russell Square got out of hand . . . the London bus that was attacked blew up a block from this spot, over the gentleman's shoulder, only a few weeks later.

Regents Park, next to Buckingham Palace

The Pall Mall

Near Buckingham Palace

Kensington Palace with Carol

From the bridge of HMS Belfast

Capa with Carol

Walking central London to St. Paul's Cathedral

Our hotel, the Rubens across from Buckingham Palace

Kings Cross, taking the train to Leeds

Rick on the train

On the train to Leeds

Carol with Toby and Chalky at Debbie and Andrew's place in Leeds


Walking the streets of York with Andrew, Debbie and Carol


A new Golden friend in York

After climbing up to the top of the cathedral

The rain can come at any time

A big kiss from Chalky

Visiting in Leeds with Debbie's mother

A walk in the rain

Back in London at Charing Cross

Carol has a moment . . . .

Street entertainment . . . . .

 . . . . of many sorts


In the higher brow neighbourhoods of London, lots of practicing in the streets for the Queen's birthday coming up . . . . 

The Thames

The Tower

The executions of Princesses and Queens

The Eye

Carol in the crowd

Carol flirts with the handsome Italian in Harrods

Carol at Princess Diana's memorial

Carol taking the sun in Hyde Park

Outside Buckingham Palace

Our castle home in Cornwall

Inside our castle home

Inside our castle home

A view of the grounds

Our entrance

Chilling out after the long and hair-raising drive on the left hand side of the road from central London

A walk in the Cornwall countryside from our castle

It's a narrow one lane drive down to the castle

In Lostwithel, Cornwall 

Cornwall fishing village


Where did they hide that clock thingy?