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Ruby enjoys a hot, windy day at her prairie home

Pete & Ruby are two Golden Retrievers who roam the vast plains, soupy swamps, echoing forests, towering peaks and cavernous gullies of the pasturelands and mountains near their home in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, near Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

Pete & Ruby have the very special privilege of being a Golden Retriever, a breed of dog without peer if you ask them an opinion of themselves.

Ruby came to Rick & Carol after her second set of doggy parents felt they could not look after her, just like the first set had decided the same before giving her to the second set who passed her on to the next set.

Wow, that sounds pretty confusing.

But it's a numbers game you see, and so it was with Ruby, laying down in the back of the Durango, carefully counting her paws as Rick & Carol drove her away, figuring this new bunch  added up to her third new home. We looked back at her, noticing the thoughtful look creasing her eyebrows, assuming she had begun to worry she might run out of paws for counting if this distressing trend continued!!! 

Ruby, you must understand, was not yet a year-and-a-half old as all of this shuffling-about stuff was happening . . . . . . but she was and is amazingly resilient, as many Golden's are of course, given their reigning supremeness among all dog breeds anyway, something that is obvious and well known as far as Pete & Ruby  are concerned.

And as the days, weeks and months began to pass with Rick and Carol, Ruby finally sat back and figured: "Why, it's just a matter of landing in the right spot!!!"


Pete up high

For Pete, living the fairly high condo life near downtown Calgary, with walks every day, visits to the dog park almost as often . . . . . life wasn't so bad. But unbenownst to himself, his young mistress owner, his champion for all of his 2.5 years, would be facing some lifestyle choices that would cause her to put him first in her thoughts and find him a new home.

And now Pete is having to squire over the scampish Ruby, whopping her upside the head every so often to keep her impish behaviour in line with his more mature grandeur. 

What a pest she is!!!

Like Ruby, Pete is discovering rural life, that things live under the ground he walks on and that forests might not be totally scary places . . . . . but he took to chasing deer away from the fence as though he was born to it, in turn bolstering Ruby's own courage. 

Yes, it's good to have a man around the house she decided!!!

Ruby is ambushed by Pete 

Lately, it has been Pete & Ruby, running back and forth, the length of their four acres, from dawn to dusk, breaking from their playing when they recognize the distinctive call of a certain bird and no longer needing Carol's hurried admonition to "Get the Woodpecker!!" as it harasses one of our nice Birches.

They have settled into their new life. Together. All of which you can see in their photo blogs as life passes by.

They follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, Abby & Keeper, the legendary first occupiers of Goldentales (below).  As the years pass, we would hope you would continue to help us ensure Abby & Keeper live forever through their stories and blogs at the link below, just as Pete & Ruby will inevitably write their own legends as well.

Certainly, all the events described here are true as far as all four of them have remembered!!!


Rick and Carol

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Forever remembering Keeper & Abby's Epik Journey's, the stories of their lives through the years, all of which can be viewed at: Goldentales,The Epik Journey's Of Abby & Keeper

All aspects of, photographs and copy, are copyright Rick Charlton, Okotoks, Alberta, and may not be used for any other purpose without written permission.





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