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A frazzled Pete on a hot day on Nihahi Ridge, Kananaskis Country. Too hot for Pete, so we turned around after about 1,500 feet of elevation gain and a round trip of about 10 KM. Ruby is convalescing at home after cruciate surgery but might be re-joining Pete on hikes in later August.

A fresh Pete early on

But the climbing got steep

Firt false summit in the distance. Still 1,000 feet of altitude gain to the true summit.

Nice view of the Elbow Valley below . . . .

Pete's reward at the bottom . . . .  a cooling swim in the Little Elbow.

Nice day for lake running . . . .

Walking through the tall grass prairie

A nice day for Pete . . . . .

Mid July

Pete tries to clear some food stuck in his back teeth after lunch . . . . or he's howling at the forbidding wilderness. Whichever story you want to believe . . .

Nice day for a swim on the Sheep River

Grouse in a tree . . .


Pete climbs up to the Moose Mountain Fire Watch Station. We should have been watching that approaching storm more closely.

First summit . . . . heading to the fire watch station in the distance

More climbing for Pete

Steep at times

Rodent at the top with a great view  . . . . a Marmot

Heading down . . . . . starting to rain and then hail.

An iconic filming spot on Moose Mountain for the movie "Brokeback Mountain."

Pete explores the Highwood Pass, Ptarmigan Cirque and Grizzly Col in early July

I was worried about Pete's feet on this scree so we turned around here.

Hikers continue higher, above the snowy patch. We're at about 9,000 feet here.

Pete and the snows of July

Which are very nice to roll in . . .

An alpine waterfall

Pete on Ptarmigan Cirque, heading higher to Grizzly Col

Enjoying a cool spring

Fat, local rodent  . . . . a resident Marmot

The Highwood Pass below . . . . our starting point


A walk through the forbidding forest with Pete


Cautious Pete on a lakeshore walk

Caution to the wind!!!

Pete running free . . . .

Pete exploring the Sheep River out west

Pete, on the Sheep River

Near Turner Valley

Daybreak near Pete's prairie home


While his sister-in-life Ruby continued to recover from cruciate surgery at home, Pete stepped out to enjoy a snow break on the way up Gunnery Creek, then over to Grass Pass. About 11.5 KM round trip with a net elevation gain of 1,900 feet.

Lotsa snow in the shadow of the mountain

Another climb . . . . . Pete crests a mucky Grass Pass and looks over the other side

Pete enjoys chasing rodents on top of Grass Pass

Springtime in the Rockies

On the way home, some random woman came galloping through the picture


Pete is going up to the top of the Hailstone Butte ridge

Pete's view during a snowy break on the climb

Pete on the ridge top

Hailstone Butte fire watch station is on the peak in the distance. The same gentleman has been occupying it for 26 years.

A fine view at Hailstone Butte fire watch station. Our exit was straight over the picnic table

Pete on the way lower

Pete takes an early Spring walk in Death Valley

Spring at home

Pete on the way up to Raspberry Ridge Fire Watch Station

The last two kilometres were very steep

Pete crests the summit and looks over the other side

Walking along the top of Raspberry Ridge

Banff is over thataway

Pete takes a snow break with the fire watch station in the distance

Pete's big world

Mid April

Pete explores the shore of Rawlings Lake, about 1,000 feet above Upper Kananaskis Lake. The snow was deep this day, Rick sinking up to his crotch a few times.

Pete lounges at Upper Kananaskis Lake


Early April

Pete, west of Bragg Creek. Two miles and 1,200 feet on a climb

We stayed off the bike path so we didn't get mowed down by downhill riders

Pete on Indian Graves Ridge, west of Chain Lakes

Bear spray

An old bench, barely hanging on.

Pete on Mesa Butte

End March

Pete visits Chester Lake, Kananaskis Country

Pete on the prowl  . . . . . Buller Pass off in the distance behind him

The snow is about five or six feet deep

There's a pristine alpine lake right here . . . . but buried under snow and ice and unrecognizable at this time of year

Run, Pete, run!!!

Ruby takes a short, vet-authorized walk out west to test out her cruciate repair. It didn't go well. I cut it short. But she's doing well now.

Fresh snow

Mid March

Pete on a walk along an old forestry road

Pete finds a murder scene. A delectable deer innard in front of him, a corpse up ahead on the right and giant splotches of blood for half a kilometre in either direction. Maybe a cougar kill. As the body part in front of us wasn't what you'd normally find in the bush, Rick had his bear spray in hand, thumb over the trigger, as we walked through this scene - didn't know if the corpse owner was still around and protective of their food source.

Pussy willows in March

A juvenile moose follows momma over a fence


Country driving near Pete & Ruby's home

Pete visits the Whaleback in southwestern Alberta

Pete on the shore of Chain Lakes

Pete goes for a swim  . . . . the ice was still thick a little off shore

A little east of Longview

Mid February

Pete flying on Strawberry Trail, Kananaskis Country

Heading towards Mt. Armstrong

We hate crossing rivers in the winter - you never know what's going on underneath the ice.

Lady elk

The boys on an icey, foggy morning

Pete on a walk at Lake Minnewanka, near Banff

Pete takes a break where a forest fire had roared through

Banff is over thataway

Walking on the lake

Bison on the move . . . . near Pete & Ruby's place

Early February

Near Pete and Ruby's home

Mid January

The troops trooping home on a bitterly cold morning . . . . about minus 17 Celcius

Pete helps Carol shovel!!!

Hoar-frost morning

Cold for Pete

Ruby, out hiking a few days before her operation to repair her cruciate. Last walk for about six months

Early January

Early morning sunrise near Okotoks

Walking the Whaleback with Pete and Ruby on a bitter morning. About minus 15 Celcius and into a stiff wind but nice when we got back

We could see Chief Mountain in Montana from here

Pete resplendent

Pete and Ruby

Pete walks the shore of Barrier Lake under a low, winter sun

Ruby at Barrier Lake





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