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2012 Photo Blog

Late December


Ruby, in winter, a portrait

Ruby on a hoar-frost encrusted day . . . . 23 below zero Celcius in this picture

Pete, in winter, a portrait

Ruby leads the charge on a cold, cold, cold day

Mid December

Ruby exploring the prairie

Ruby and Pete enjoying winter

Staying warm on a cold day

Early December

Pete, leading with his nose as usual. . . .

Ruby, in pose . . . .


Ruby, happy in the fresh snow . . .

Pete listens for mice . . . 

Hoar Frost Morning

Hoar Frost Morning



Early November

Pete runs at sunrise after the big snowfall

Ruby at sunrise

Pete runs towards the sun

Ruby on the move . . . .

Ruby at the lake

Ruby and Pete explore their home at daybreak

Pete tries to scoop up some late season berries from the Ornamental Crabapple tree before the birds hog them all. 

Pete in the mountains

Mid October

Ruby on the trail after a snowfall. We inadvertently followed a bear out of this place. We had walked in, breaking our own trail through pristine snow, then came back the same way and Rick only noticed at a fork in the pathway the bear tracks leading in one direction while we had to go in another. Pete & Ruby, of course, had known all along through their noses that they were trailing something recent. 

Fortunately, everyone missed each other but probably by minutes and not more than half an hour.

Were Ruby and Pete listening to the bear? It was right about here on the way back that they began to strain at their leashes on a fresh scent.

Ruby on the trail

Ruby reaches the top . . . . 

Pete going home . . . 

Ruby leads the chase at home, with fresh snow

Ruby looks for mice


Pete & Ruby on a hike

Pete explores the forbidding forest 

End of September

Ruby and Pete in the Fall, at home

Pete at home

Ruby explores the prairie

Mid September

Up high, Ruby's most excellent view

Crossing a steep, scree slope on the way to Ruby's most excellent view . . . . yes, there is a trail there and it's a short crossing but a little hair-raising for the human. The four paw drive dogs had no problem.

Pete was there too . . . .

Ruby, on the way home, with another excellent view

Pete on the way home . . . .

The day before, Pete & Ruby . . . . . taking a windswept break on the way to Picklejar

Pete enjoys the view

Over the top . . . .  and down to the lake

Pete runs with a precious stick . . . 

Ruby, on the way home, down, down, down into the valley and beyond

At home, the crabapples are ripening . . . 

Early September

Ruby runs along the lakeshore . . . .

Pete has a treasure . . . . the spine of an elk that had died here a few years ago

Pete exploring . . . 

Walking in late summer with Pete

Ruby enjoys the view . . . . . and yes, she really does enjoy the view

Ruby and Pete in fading summer . . . 

Pete in the fading days of summer, investigating an old, grass-covered Adirondack in the yard.

"Leggo my leg!!!" yells Ruby as Pete takes a chomp at sunset. A few hours later, in the dark of the night, they would engage in an epic nocturnal battle with a skunk in the yard. Unfortunately, Ruby got splatted by the skunk, which led to treatment from the miracle product, Skunk-Off of which we have plenty. We could see that coming a mile away, a fact of life of living in the country. Skunk was no where to be seen by morning.

Late August

Pete & Ruby, exploring Elbow Lake under fresh snow

Ruby looks for a drink in Elbow Pass . . . . only plus 5 Celcius on the start of our hike and ice on puddles in the shadows . . . 

Ruby & Pete in Elbow Pass

Ruby enjoys the view . . . .

Pete takes a drink

This will soon be under tons of snow . . .  

Mid August

Ruby . . . . the aftermath of mining for Muskrat . . . . sticking her nose into a Muskrat den and digging furiously

Dedicated to her work . . . . . and a little annoyed that the human stopped her

Ruby explores the prairie . . . .

Early August

Ruby & Pete, climbing to the snow in the Highwood Pass on a hot, hot, day

Snow fed lake welcomes Pete & Ruby

Pete loves wading a cool stream . . . .

Cool snow on a hot day feels good on the feet . . . .

Pete on the way home

Ruby on the trail. Grizzly activity had closed the trails on the other side of the valley

End July

Lakeshore walking with Pete

Pete takes a break in the shade on a hike in the West Bragg Creek area

Ruby and Pete ford a backcountry stream . . . .

Sunrise . . . .

Pete at sunrise . . . .

Mid July

Pete heads up a hot and humid Sentinel Trail in Kananaskis Country

Pete takes a break on Sentinel

Ruby and the tall grass of mid-summer

Early July

Hanging out with Ruby and Pete in early July, up in the Highwood Pass

A bit of a struggle with the snow to get there . . . .

 . . . .  but worth the journey

Ruby with a last look

Two-footed Polly, the handicapped cat, waits patiently beside a mouse hole . . . . she caught four in an hour . . . . and Pete knows it.

Late June

Ruby prowls at sunset . . . .
Mid June

Ruby at home 

Pete at home
Early June

Swamp trekking on a dark, wet day at Brown Lowery . . . . 

Pete in the late Spring

Late May

Pete at Blue Rock on the Sheep River

Pete and Ruby, running up on Powderface Ridge

Mid May

Ruby and Pete explore the Sheep River

Have a wet day!!!

Late April

Greening grass and budding trees speak to a new summer on the way for Ruby and Pete

More beach walking, this time on unfamiliar shores . . . but that's just fine for Ruby

Pete and Ruby exploring

Another day . . . . . sign of a coming summer . . . . . fun at the lake again for Pete & Ruby

Rebuilding the dam at the north end of Chain Lakes means the water is well below its normal level for this time of year.

Ruby learned to swim here last summer and is putting her new skills to use

Pete on the move amid greening grass and budding crocuses 

Early April

In the early morning, at sunrise, Ruby holds her paw out of the fresh but cold snow

Ruby on an adventure, up high . . . .

Pete was there too . . . .

Pete explores the wind-blasted landscape . . . .

. . . . as does Ruby . . . .

Pete on the run . . . .

For Ruby (above) and Pete, it was all fun and games for a while . . . . until Pete went through a snow lip, putting himself on the wrong side of one of the few avalanche chutes on this usually benign and safe ridge. 

Our fun walk had suddenly turned serious. 

He was unable to crawl out of his trap, 10-15 feet down a vertical wall of snow and a roughly 300 foot rolling tumble if the slope had given way. 

After failing to coax Pete to a safe place to ascend further upslope and with no other options remaining, Ruby and Rick made the one-way toboggan ride down to Pete. Once together, it was a matter of traversing the roughly 100 feet across the slope to get out of the danger zone of the avalanche chute. Then we had a painstaking climb out. Rick's fault. He has to watch for things like that better. Blame Rick!!!

An exhausted and snow-blasted Pete after his rescue 

We saw three moose crossing the highway together on the way home . . . . this is one.

Another day

Top O' the World - Pete and Ruby

Pete at all the right angles 

Mid March

Ruby and Pete, running in the high country . . . 

Ruby enjoys some fresh snow in early Spring 

Pete settles in with a pine snack as Ruby takes a break

Ruby in the Foothills of the Rockies, west of Longview

The climb higher, Ruby upslope, Pete closest

Early March

Pete having fun on a warm day

Ruby follows a trail

Mid February

Windy morning for Ruby on a mountain slope . . . 

Pete is on a mission . . . .

. . . . with Ruby close behind . . . . 
Late January

Ruby and Pete

Ruby contemplates a frozen stream crossing . . . .

Ruby on the trail . . . .

Mid January

Ruby and Pete enjoy some subzero adventuring in mid-winter . . . 


. . . . with Ruby waiting in the weeds in ambush mode . . . .

. . . . and Pete dashing to and fro trying to lure her out.

Winter sunrise, about 25 below zero Celcius and elk lingering in the foreground . . . .





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