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2015 Photo Blog
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End December

Ruby before the shake . . .

Clean as a whistle

Pete and Ruby at Grassi Pass

Exploring the high country

Sunrise near Pete & Ruby's home

A trip to the beach - minus 21 C at home but only minus 6 C at Chain Lakes

Ruby on patrol

Get back here!!!

Ruby takes a risk . . .

On the other side of Pete & Ruby's fence, elk at sunrise on a cold Christmas morning. They usually keep going that direction but stopped and were very wary. There might have been a cougar up ahead.

The big picture on Christmas morning

Ruby on Christmas morning - about minus 26 Celcius

Mid December

Ruby heads into King Canyon

A tight fit for Ruby and Pete

The ice climbers we were looking for

Up and away!!!

Looking towards King Canyon, walking thataway

Sunrise on a hoar-frost encrusted, ice fogged morning near Pete & Ruby's home


Ruby on the Highwood River, Mt. Armstrong in the background.

Noble Pete on the Highwood

Walking Highway 40, closed for the next six months

Pete passes over some Lynx or Bobcat tracks

Walking out west with Pete and Ruby. When they look up a cliff like that, smiling with tales wagging . . . . . it's a good idea to look yourself to see what they see. Could be nothing, could be snowballs rolling down, could be a squirrel, could be a cougar . . .

Winter settles in at home


On our travels, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

The Forestry Trunk Road


Ruby on a climb

Weird Forest

Pete having fun at The Whaleback

Ruby conquers Powderface Ridge

Different day, different Ridge for Ruby, this one west of Chain Lakes. On our first pass, Ruby found some young hunters sitting here, watching the valley

Stalking at sunset


Climbing up the alternate way to Ptarmigan Cirque in a blizzard

Ruby at the Whaleback

Pete hangs on in a burst of wind at the Whaleback

Pete loves the big sky prairie

Ruby always wants to be on the other side of the fence

Panorama, Whaleback

Sunset at home

Fall colours near home


Hiking Foran Ridge

Moose on the move

Fall to Winter

Ruby in the low cloud

A gloomy day

Fall colours

Ruby at sunset

Pete in the Fall . . . .

Tussle at sunset


Ruby in one of the Picklejar Lakes

Ruby on the climb to Pickeljar

Ruby up in the Picklejar!!!

Pete on the climb

Fall scenic, near Millarville Racetrack

On an obscure road, in the middle of nowhere. A lady, with her gentleman and a white golden named Dylan, walked up to us and asked "Is that Pete & Ruby?"

It finally happened. Pete & Ruby became rock stars, just like their predecessors, Abby & Keeper, who were also recognized on sight.

Pete explores a bog in a light rain on the Forestry Truck Road

Ruby at home

Pete at home



Ruby on a trail in the Fall

Nice snowy, Fall day for a swim

Fall colours wrapped in winter

A brief moment of sun

Let's get going!!!

Pete at the Falls


Ruby in the tall grass

Pete on the lakeshore

Revisiting a 1940 Dodge Coupe left on the prairie

Pete at Chain Lakes


Early September

Big snowfall for Pete at Elbow Lake

Late August

Pete on Hailstone Butte. Forest Fire smoke from Washington State obscures the view

Pete on the climb higher

Perilous crossing

Another visit with the fire lookout man . . . . . he's been doing this for almost 40 summers, almost his entire working life, except for one year when he had a medical operation. Abby and I saw the dog in the summer of 2010, a few months before Abby's passing. Keeper was too weak to visit that time.

The fire watch station is up in the distance

Cellphone panorama

Pete is tired

Pete on the way lower

Old wood

Ruby at home . . . . tired from the day's walk. Pete eats the peach tree in the background

Very thick forest fire smoke at home for a week

Mr. Lipsett

Magnificent Pete

Breaking out of the forest on the climb higher, Pete & Ruby stop to investigate something

A cellphone panorama as Pete and Ruby climb above the treeline.

Fresh snow for relief on the way higher . . . .

Mt. Mist across the valley from Ruby

Pete at the top of Mt. Lipsett

Ruby goes for a walk

Ruby's view at the summit cairn . . . .

At the summit, panorama.

We encountered a Grizzly Bear here on the way down, about half a kilometre below the summit, just as we were getting to the treeline. The bear came out of the trees on the right, about 75 feet in front of us. I immediately tugged on Pete & Ruby's leashes, halting their progress. Then pulled my bear spray, thumb on the trigger and gave the command to "Come" and "This way." We started to back away. The bear remained unmoving. I looked up to our right and saw we could go upslope that way and then around the bear. When I looked back a few seconds later, the bear was gone, downslope to our left. We stopped our retreat and waited for any more suprises, like a cub, meanwhile hearing the bear occasionally making a noise as it left the scene. It played out like it was in a textbook. Everything went well. Pete & Ruby helped by not saying anything, probably thinking the Grizzly was a big cow. They were very interested in pursuing when we went further ahead and crossed where the bear had been but that's why they have leashes on!!!

August Snow

It snowed on Pete's parade on August 21.

The next morning . . . .

Green and white . . . . . a little too early.

Elk on the other side of the fence, at sunset.

Early August

It might look like Ruby is lost in Saskatchewan somewhere but she's actually on top of Table Plateau at about 8,000 feet.

Ruby comes running . . . .

Ruby, looking at the hard way down. We took the easy way.

The easy way, walking on a road. This is near the top.

Ruby on the edge

Pete takes a glorious dump on the way down

The previous week . . . . we didn't make it to the top on account of heat. Pete was there.

Very hot . . . .

But . . . . beautiful. Pete with the mountains of the Continental Divide behind him

Ruby, on the road down

Ruby on the Sheep River

The bridge is still wiped out from the 2013 floods.

Pete and another day on the Sheep River

What's going on down there? Two Golden's, one human leg . . .

Late July

Ruby at sunset

Ruby hunts for raspberries at home

Ruby patrolling her fence line in the morning

Over the fence

Summer flowers

A cool swim on a hot day


Passing summer storm

Fading light


A hot, hot day for Ruby & Pete at Upper Kananaskis Lake

Lots of explorations

Pete was confused by waves

The previous day, also very hot, required some snow says Pete & Ruby, no matter what time of year

Pete finds a cool stream on the way higher

Pete's perch . . .

Ruby, out of focus . . .

Ruby, in the big picture

Pete on a slope


Ruby finds some snow


Ruby and Pete - the snow is leaving and the grass is greening

Pete, hanging out

Pete in the thicket

Ruby and Pete disappeared for awhile . . . . . and then they came back.

End April

Recent snow didn't stop Ruby from a swim


Among the ruins, Ruby and Pete find an old, abandoned car . . .

The history inside

Pete runs up from the lake

A wild goose chase . . .

Pete above the lake

Ruby gets down and dirty with a corpse . . . . again. Lotsa corpses on the prairie. This was a deer.

Early April

Pete crosses an icy stream west of Chain Lakes

Early March


For Ruby, a rare visit to the big city, in Fish Creek Park in Calgary

Late February

Pete on the run above Chain Lakes

Ruby on the run. The bulls were on the other side of the lake so she was on this side of the lake

Ruby above an old corral . . . .

Lotsa miles to walk . . .

Frosty Ruby . . .

Ruby wants some help with snowballs in her feet.

Walking into a sunset . . . .


Ruby enjoying the day

Ruby trees a squirrel . . . . which is okay for the squirrel because it lives in the tree.

Ruby out west

Trees against lake

Early February

Ruby crosses a stream . . .

Sunrise at Pete and Ruby's home

More sunrise


Magnificent Pete . . . .


Pete says its too cold, holding his foot out of the snow

Pete shakes it off on New Year's Day

Ruby's view





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