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Gretz, the neighbour cat comes over for a visit!!!

By Keeper Charlton

There's Gretz. Let's chase him. Hey Gretz, we're chasing you!! Start runnin' or something.
Aw, that Gretz . . . .  OUCH!!! Hey, he just whopped me in the head!!
Well, I guess I better tell you about Gretz, the neighbour cat, who comes over and sometimes lets us chase him up the tree and sometimes he plays with us and sometimes he hits us on the head and sometimes he hunts our mice and  . . . . . well, sometimes he never goes home!!!
It can be real late at night when we're outside and its dark out and there's no moon and Gretz will be out hunting mice and then he hears us and then we can hear him meowing as he comes running towards us. 
But he's not as fast as Abby and me and so it takes him five minutes or so to find us.
Or we'll smell him and go looking for him.
Just the other day he was over helping Carol and Rick rake up the leaves that had fallen from the trees. And he kept jumping into the piles of leaves and then I chased him to the old dog pen and when I got there he whopped me in the head.
So I chased him up the tree.

That's me chasin' Gretz up the tree!!

Well, that's the hard part of Gretz being up a tree - we can't get at him. So he sits up there a while and we kinda stare at him and then we lose interest and then he comes down and jumps in the leaves again.

Then we chase him into the dog pen again and that's when he punched me in the head!!!

Ouch!! Gretz punched me in the head!!

Well, we worry about Gretz a bit since there are coyotes and cougars and wolverines and badgers around and they will eat a cat if they can but Gretz sticks around pretty close so that's good.

But he is the neighbour cat and Maude, Daisy and Dru live with us but they aren't outside cats.

It sure is funny to see Dru when Gretz is walking on the deck. Dru follows Gretz from window to window to stare at him.

Well, it's getting pretty cold now and that's really good news since the summer is way too hot!!!

The cows are still up in the hills which is a little unusual because they are usually in the valley by now where the farmer can feed them when the snow covers the ground.

The deer ate two of our trees again!! So Carol and Rick put up the deer guards on the new trees so the deer would hurt their teeth if they tried that again.

Abby waiting for the coming snow

Hey guess what? I'm not tubby anymore!!

I got taken to the vet, Dr. Miranda, and I got weighed when Rick held me and then measured himself because I'm too nervous to stand on the thing that weighs us. But he said: "Hey Keeper, guess what? You're not tubby anymore!!!"

I guess that must be good and my hips don't bother me anymore that's for sure. Remember last summer when my back legs wouldn't work and I got that special diet then my legs started to work again? Well, I guess that's what happens when you get tubby and then you're not tubby later on.

Rick said I weigh  . . . I think he said something like, "67 pounds." Now, I don't know what "pounds" are but I had something like "82 pounds" before and Rick said 82 is more than 67 so I wonder if someone stole my pounds like Gretzky is stealing our mice!! Hmmmmm . . . . . maybe I will investigate that.

I've lost 15 pounds!! Where are they?

The best part about winter is that it is cold. The worst part is there are no berries to eat. Rick invited us into the garden to eat the last of the raspberries and that was a lot of fun let me tell you!! They usually have a fence around the garden and they say that fence is to keep the deer out of the raspberries and the peas and the strawberries and the other stuff that grows there but you know, I think it might be to keep Abby and me out of there!!!

What? They don't trust us?

Well, Abby and I have pretty much cleaned out the rest of the yard of wild strawberries, wild blueberries, wild Russian Olives, crabapples that fall from the trees and . . . . well, pretty much everything in reach.

I can haul down a Russian Olive branch to get the berries and sometimes Rick will pick the high one's and give them to Abby and me until Carol told him to stop because the Waxwings and other birds eat them in the winter.

I don't care about them!! Give 'em all to me!!

We are walking back up the field now, through the tall grass, towards the house and  . . . . . WHAT!!!???


Gretz just jumped out of the grass, three feet in the air if an inch, and attacked me!!!

Back up the tree Gretz!! Here I come!!

Go home Gretz!!!