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Human Epik Journeys

In years past, Rick used a film camera and scanned images rather than using the digital camera he has now. These are pictures from those earlier years in our lives.

pics17.jpg (97089 bytes)

(click on images to enlarge)

Some Alberta Rose and an old fence at our place (top left), Keeper makes her way through the tall, tall grass of a wet summer day(top right), an fresh Alberta morning over our new poplar trees (bottom right), a hawk feather caught in the brambles of late Fall (bottom right).

pics18.jpg (99833 bytes)

Early fall, the old homestead in the valley outlined against the Rocky Mountains (top left), Keeper on deck after a rainstorm, a bone nearby (top right), after a hard day's fightin', wrestlin' and tusslin', two girls just gotta sleep (bottom left), Abby on a windswept early summer evening (bottom right).

pics11.jpg (92939 bytes)

Wow, what a sunset at our place!!! (top left) . . . . . Carol and her mom walking the place (top right) . . . . . Hey, there's our sister Dru. She's got big ears!! (bottom left) . . . . .  That's us on an Epik Journey, resting in the shade!!! (bottom right)

hot12.jpg (121042 bytes)

Here's the life of a country girl, good ole' Carol making a cake for hubby Rick (top left), hugging Keeper on a trip to Chain Lakes (top right), blowing bubbles for Abby on a windy day (bottom left) and shovelling the deck after a snowy night (bottom right). 

pics15.jpg (118168 bytes)

Abby in her usual leisurely pose (top left), Gretz, the neighbour cat, hangs out on our fence post (top right), Abby gets her tail worked over by Daisy the Cat (bottom left), Keeper in the deep, forbidding forest near our home (bottom right)

pics13.jpg (102882 bytes)

Our house (top left), Keeper on a hillside on a summer day (top right), Rick rides his bike out in the morning to get the newspaper (bottom left) and sunflowers in our garden (bottom right).

pics14.jpg (112774 bytes)

The harshness of a prairie winter (top left) and the colour of spring (top right) with Keeper beneath the blooms (bottom left) and the temperature soaring to 100 degrees farenheit (bottom right). 

pics8.jpg (94968 bytes)

(top left), Abby and Keeper search the tall grass in their yard, (top right), Kittens in a box at the neighbours, (bottom left) Abby, high in the hills, (bottom right) good ole Rick enjoying a fall morning on the deck, the mountains providing a distant background (bottom right).

pics9.jpg (119651 bytes)

Good ole' Rick . . . . . Our house with the mountains in the background . . . . . the horse farm next door,  . . . . . . . Abby on an Epik Journey with the mountains behind her.