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Abby is all go, go, go . . . . . . and never lost!!! 

Sticks and bones . . . . . . bones!!!!

Well, I'm here to say if I might that I sure like chewing bones. And I will say so says I. That I like chewing bones that is.
So here I am, laying in the snow, the forest tall and forbidding all around me, and if I wanted to look up the sky would be blue and bright but I'm not looking up cause I'm chewing on a bone I found.
Mmmmmmm. . . . . . that tastes good. It's a deer bone and they iz pretty good to chew on even if the deer might not say so. But deer sometimes leave their bones lying around and I find them quite a lot and sometimes take them home and chew them.
It's a good thing I've got a very good bone to keep me company because I think Rick and Keeper have got themselves lost again. Leastways they ain't around anywhere.
Well, not so true. I can hear Rick yelling my name and whistling and such. But he seems kind of far away and well . . . . . I got me a bone to chew on and I'm sure those guyz will get themselves un-lost soon enough.
I'm tired of looking out for those guyz and rescuing them and such all the time. They can find themselves on their own this time.
It's the cold time now and its been that way for awhile and Keeper and me really like it cause the hot time is . . . . well . . . its really hot, unless we go swimming in the river or the pool.
But we don't need rivers and pools in the cold time.

Abby . . . . . never lost because she's always right where she is.

Say, that reminds me. We took the truck and went to the lakes and the lakes are frozen over now and there were people who drove their trucks out on the lakes and they dug holes in the water and they were pulling critters right out of those holes!!!! That was amazing. So Keeper and me tried to go visit them and see what those critters were that were flopping on the frozen water but Rick held onto us pretty tight and we couldn't go visit.
There is a dam at the lake that holds the water in the lake so it doesn't all go down the river. And the dam is sloping so it's pretty steep but you can still walk on it and in the winter there is no water coming down the dam so Rick found a piece of cardboard and he went really fast down the snow on the dam until he hit the bottom.
And then Keeper and me decided to give it a try and we didn't have any cardboard cause they don't give away cardboard to dogs so we tried to slide down the dam on our bellies and wouldn't you know it - our paws got in the way.
So me and Keeper turned over on our backs and we squirmed a bit and wiggled our bums a bit and we started sliding down that dam just lickety split. And so we squirmed on our backs some more and we kept going down head first and that was mighty fun it was.
But we weren't as fast as Rick on cardboard.

Well the lake and the dam might be frozen but the river at the bottom of the dam is unfrozen and Keeper and me like to walk in the river in the winter and look for the rocks that Carol throws to us. The water is too cold for Carol but not so cold for me and Keeper but I went out and it was chest deep and I started to feel woozy so I came out of the water.

Abby . . . . . rushing to somewhere in a windy field

Well . . . . . . I think I hear Rick and Keeper getting closer. Maybe they will find themselves so they aren't lost anymore and maybe we can get going and maybe find some deer like we did earlier.

We wuz walking along the side of a hill and Keeper and me detoured into the forest and guess what we found . . . . . . a real, live, jumping and kicking deer!!!! And a big one with horns and everything!!!!

Well let me say if I might that the deer was a mighty interesting thing to find. Because then it started to run away and it ran out of the forest and ran right in front of Rick and . . . . well, they iz mighty fast them deer is.

But Keeper and me gotta chase stuff just because we can and so we chased the deer and I wuz in front and I ran around the hill and jumped the gully and ran after the deer and Keeper ran around the hill and didn't jump the gully and she wiped out pretty bad. She musta slid twenty feet or so and the sticks and rocks were flying because she didn't jump the gully. But then she got up and she chased the deer too.

But deers iz awfully fast and we can't catch deer so we chased him down the hill and through the barbed wire fence and into the forest, down a gully and up another hill and then the deer wuz outta sight. So we went back and found Rick who had gotten himself lost again.

I don't know what we would do with a deer if we captured one. Do you? Maybe we could put him in the garage to play with at night like we wuz gonna do with that moose one time.

Oh, that's right!!!! The moose came by to see us only this time we thought he was awfully big so we barked at him through the fence and he was just on the other side but he didn't seem bothered too much by our obvious ferocity and just left when he felt like it.

We must be losing our touch.

Abby . . . . . at home

And then we have come to meet some coyotes which I should tell you about.

We have heard from Carol that coyotes are ferocious predators and terribly mean and would kill us if they got half the chance. That sounds scary.

But we saw two coyotes walking on the other side of the fence a few days ago so Keeper and me went charging down to ask them what they wuz doing. They started to run away and then they stopped and put their tails down and came back and we all sniffed our noses through the fence.

And then they went on their way.

Now that doesn't sound like vicious killers now do it?

They came back a few days later and Keeper and me were all set to sniff noses through the fence again when that loudmouth Rick came charging out of the house and ran down the field barking at them coyotes - as if he can bark!!! - and they got scared and ran away. And then he yelled at us!!!! Good grief. We wuz just sniffing noses. But he told us to stay away from them.

So we are kind of confused about coyotes right now.

Why just today those coyotes were ambling down in the valley, going through the barnyard when the bulls started chasing them!!! And just when they escaped from the bulls the farm dogs chased them some more!!!

It is not so good to be a coyote.

Maybe we should bark at coyotes and chase them like the farmer dogs do. But boy, they seem awfully nice. One never knows do one?

Not lost in the sun dappled forest are Keeper and Abby

 There is already a calf in the valley but all the mommies still haven't borne their calves but that should happen pretty soon. 

And then there will be lots of babies to look at when they come up near our fence but good thing that fence is there because cows is just natural enemies!!!!

But imagine being born in a field when it's so cold outside. You would be trying to stand up and the snow would be drifting over you and you would have icicles on your nose. That sounds pretty hard to me.

Not that Keeper and me mind the cold. But sticky snow, we don't like. Sticky snow gets into our paws and it melts and it becomes a ball of ice and it gets really hard to walk on Epik Journies when you got balls of ice in your feet. So we lay down in the snow and take them out but Rick doesn't like us eating our feet so he comes over and takes the balls of ice out of our feet for us.

You know what's strange? Keeper has her back feet get balls of ice and my front feet get balls of ice. But not the other way around. Don't you think that's strange?

You know what the worst thing is about the cold time? No gophers. They go into the ground and they sleep for a long time and so we can't capture gophers like we can in the hot time.

But the days are getting longer and its still cold but we know from the calves getting born and from the sun that the hot time is coming closer.

Hey, what's that crunching sound? Oh, oh. That's Rick and Keeper. They must have found themselves cause I can see them coming through the trees. And jeepers, they see me cause here comes Keeper and Rick is yelling and saying stuff like: "Where have you been?" and "Didn't you hear me?"

Well I has been right here.

Chewing on bones.

A rocky ridge has Abby's ears lifting off . . . . .