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Human Epik Journeys

Let's play ruff!!!

Run, Run, Run.

Tongue on wood.

Run, run, run some more!!

I'm running and my tongue is on the wood of the "deck" and yum, yum, ym there is water, water from the sky.

I iz kinda new around here and I don't know where I iz or where my littermates iz but I know that I can run up and down this wood after the water comes from the sky with my tongue on the wood and I can scoop the water up and drink it.

Run, run, run, tongue on wood, yummy water.

Now what's going on with those big folks that brought me here? They is saying something and I'm not too good at human type talk but I think they iz saying I shouldn't run with my tongue on the wood scooping up the water.

Why not?

Well this is a mighty peculiar place and there sure do seem to be a lot of rules.

I got scooped up from my littermates and I got brought to this place that is far from the buildings where I was with my mother.

And there are strange things that happen here.

"Rick," . . . . . yeah, I think that is the name of the human . . . . . well, Rick and I were outside during the dark time and Rick was laying in the grass and I was sitting on top of him and it was really dark and Rick was watching the glittery things in the sky and I noticed this big thing coming up the yard towards us.

And then Rick heard it too and he got out his big light and he shone it down the field a ways and there was eyes looking back at us and Rick said it was a "coyote" and he got hold of me and held me even though I wanted to go off and chase that durn coyote. And then I got a leash put on me and got taken into the house. 

One morning we got up and I made a very good discovery. I found some  fur right by the house which was very interesting let me tell you. "Carol" . . . . . well, I think that is the other human's name  . . . . .  said a coyote had left some of its fur there and and she took it away from me.

But I am new around here and if you will excuse me, just learning to spell and type so maybe this story is a little ruff around the edges.

I remember when Carol came to my den to get me and she put me in this contraption that went really fast and we went from my mother's den to this other place and I screamed the whole way!!!

But then I got out and I was happy and I ate and ran and then I fell asleep. And then I did it all over again. But later, after Rick turned up and introduced himself, I got to thinking and looking around and I realized my littermates were gone and my mom was gone and I wasn't to happy. 

So I started to cry a bit and this threw the humans into a tizzy as they picked me up and hugged me. But I still missed my littermates.

I missed playing with them especially so I started to play with the humans like they wuz dogs. You know, grabbing them with my teeth and shaking them and stuff. Well they didn't seem to like that but I thought that's how everyone plays.

I'm just guessing here, but I don't think Rick and Carol are like us dogs.

Everything is sure big!!

I don't stay with the humans in the dark time. I get my own room in the "garage" whatever that is but I didn't like it at first. When I got here Rick stayed with me in the garage for two dark times and that was good because I could sleep on top of him even though he grunts a lot.

But the third dark time came and Rick didn't stay and all that was there was a thing that went "tick, tock, tick, tock" and  I didn't like that much so I yelped and yelped and yelped but nobody came. So I went to sleep for a bit but it was sure lonely.

But I am a puppy and I got lots of energy so I got up and looked around a bit during that dark time and there was this big barrel and I guess maybe I knocked it over and boy did it set up to clattering and banging when it fell onto the floor and that really, really scared me and that's when I really started yelping. That's when Rick and Carol came to see what I was doing.

Hmmm . . . . . . so if I get lonely all I need to do is knock over the barrel and they will come running!!!! That is good to know just in case.

Well, I am not so big yet but Rick takes me walking over the hills and across the vast prairies and into the cavernous gullies and what not and so forth.

You are not going to believe this though - there are critters that can fly!!! I swear it iz true. Why, just the other day, Rick and I wuz up in the hills and I wuz a little ways ahead and I seed these two big old flying critters in a tree so I started to run towards them and then Rick saw me running and he started to run and yelled for me to stop but I am a dog and I just gotta 'investigate stuff.

It's a dog duty!!!

Well, wouldn't you know it but one of them flying things light's up outta the tree and starts to swoop down my way and that's when Rick got real frantic and starting flapping his arms and running real hard. And that critter . . . . . well, it got so close I thought it was gonna land on me if you can believe it!!!

But Rick got there and it flew on over and kept going.

Rick was a little mad at me. He said I shouldn't be chasing after what he calls them "hawks" on account of me being still so little.


Well, another time we wuz up in the hills and suddenly Rick grabs my leash and says "Hey Abby, lookit that" and he's pointing his finger. And so I looks at his finger and I'm thinking, "That's just his finger."

But he keeps stabbing his finger out and I'm not seeing what the big deal is.

But then he says I missed the big deal cause when we came over the rise he said there were two coyotes right close by and they ran away and he wanted me to see them.

I think if he wanted me to see them he shouldn't be distracting me with all that finger pointing and yelling!!!

You would be surprised at all the critters around here, not just the flying one's and the coyotes. But there is little critters that live in the ground too!!! So I started to dig for them to capture them but that sure set the humans off. They seemed kinda mad. Can you imagine? They don't like digging holes in the ground.

In all my six months of life, I've never heard such a thing.

Well there is something even stranger happening right now. It's always been hot in the air but now it's cold and if you can believe it, the water that comes from the sky has turned white!!!! But it is cold and that is nice.

Carol and I go walking every day.

Carol says we walk "a mile to the mailbox" to get stuff that other humans send to Rick and Carol. I guess I don't understand that. If they can send stuff so far why can't they send it the extra mile?

But we gotta walk that mile and then walk back. That's okay with me since I get to snuff in the grass in the ditch and sometimes we see these big critters called "deer."

And when we get near the mailbox we have to cross something Carol calls a "highway" to get to the other side and she has taught me a signal where I have to lay on my belly and wait for her to say get up.

But I am not so good at that yet because I don't like laying on my belly just because she says so!!! But maybe that's why I still got to wear that darned leash.

But the best part about the highway is those really zooming fast things called "cars" that go whizzing past very fast. I don't know what they are but I sure would like to chase after them and see what they are about. Sometimes they are on the gravel road we walk but we have to get to the side of the road and stand in the ditch while they go by.

Boy, Carol is a little too careful I think. She could be chasing them cars to and we would have a lot of fun!!! But she says chasing cars is dangerous, whatever that is.

I am trying to understand all these rules in this new world I am in.


Wow!! What a place this is!!!

Sometimes I get to ride in the car that Rick and Carol have and I like that a lot, almost as much as chasing hawks. Because then the other cars on the highway come right at us and whiz by even faster!!!

I went to puppy class to learn all the rules but I just wanted to play. And at home we kept trying out the new rules and I found it very confusing. After all, if I wanted to obey some rules I'd make 'em up myself!!!

Well, that water on the wood sure tasted good. The white stuff that fell from the sky turned to water and then I raced along with my tongue on the wood and lapped up the water.

I am starting to like this place. Rick and Carol aren't too bad but they are poor substitutes for my litter mates and my mom but I think I am going to be here a while so I better get used to it.

There that's settled.

Now, I see a big bird with lots of colours that fans its tail out so I'm gonna chase it and chase it and chase it and  . . . . . . .  whoops, where am I?

Gosh, I'm down in the valley and here comes Rick and he's running and yelling my name. He's saying he's going to build something called a "fence" so I can't run after varmints like that bird.

Gee whiz.

There sure are a lot of rules around here!!!